The purpose of after-sales service,In the work of after-sales service we constantly sum up experience,Continuously improve service quality,and gradually form a set of high-quality, complete after-sales service system, solve the user's looking back and improve the reliability of the product quality.There is no best, only better. In order to service customers better ,We adhere to the cultural concept of “steady, enterprising, innovative and transcendence”,Actively seize the development opportunity,Enterprising in the steady, innovation in the enterprising, transcendence in the innovation.With superior wisdom accumulated remarkable height,Constantly inject more modern, more fashionable, more harmonious and international elements to shape the new image of the company.

Time limit for after-sales problem processing:

From the moment when the after-sales service department receives the “Complaint Request Form” submitted by the customer, it must complete the solution to the customer’s clear processing plan within one working day,And the solution is resolved in principle within the next two working days.(If it is necessary to postpone the clear treatment plan in extreme special circumstances, it must be submitted to the general manager for review and approval before implementation).